Theatre of Stages

  • Student Ravi Shantilal Rangholiya
  • Code UI3914
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Kireet Patel


The entire process of generating an assembly based system into a site which is already been assembled step by step becomes my notion to design, the elements which there in the site are a construction system as a whole yet they are distant and making it work as a shell to function. Similarly, my approach to design the stages moved into the direction where the stages and the performance area will be distant to one another but still they communicate to space as whole functioning unit by all the probable activities. The process consists of arranging and ordering of stages in forms of the tower as rectangular volumes into space, connecting it all through the various streets, and introducing different scale activities onto those streets. The challenge is to convert a semi-covered industrial shed into an interior space taking care of all the requirements of interior services through various elements coming together to form a system that incorporates the functions and services with the most efficient construction technology with the idea of innovation in the usability and new dimensions in spaces. Similarly, I have tried assembling the spaces using an individual element to form a surface and then those surfaces to form a volume. The idea is to construct every element in space through assembly of horizontal and vertical elements coming together. The interior attributes and feel remain raw and simplistic as the shell which is around and created street with the inside-outside relationship creates a more dramatic experience.