• Student Somya Modi
  • Code UI8617
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ruchi Mehta
  • TA Urvashi Gurubaxani


 Neeman’s is India’s first shoe brand to use a natural, renewable and sustainable fiber in its shoes. Neeman's was created out of the desire not just to break the mold but to obliterate it: to say goodbye to the average for good and opt for sustainable footwear over synthetic fiber Currently, being a new online brand the intends to propose an experiential store for the Neeman's is to allow the brand to position itself as the sustainable footwear brand, a claim to #ChangeTheNorm of a traditional footwear industry system. The aim for the brand for an online to offline transition would be to spread awareness and a sense of urgency for the customer to eventually be a part of this brand, building brand loyalties. Sustainability is not a claim to reverse the damage already caused,  but a will to not contribute to ongoing malpractices causing damage to the environment. Thus, the proposed design is delivered keeping this in mind.The store stands in a prime location on MG road, Banglore to cater to a wide range of "sensitive" target audiences.