• Student Patel Mahir Chirag
  • Code UG180325
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Soham Shah,Nipul Patel
  • TA Khyati Andrapiya


Areca Springs is a project located on the Sabarmati riverfront, functioning as a Car Spa and a Café. The form of the building was derived from the Areca plant. The main highlight of the form is 4 Cantilevers in timber, supported by a central Core. The design challenge was to create an unbalanced cantilever which was aesthetically appealing, Functional and Structurally stable. The main Structural Materials used was GLT - Glue laminated Timber; CLT - Cross-laminated Timber and Concrete have also been used for the slabs and footings respectively.  Link to Portfolio Link to Miro Board