• Code PCM21232
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Ganesh A. Devkar,Devanshu Pandit
  • TA Meshwa Sakaria,Agrima Agarwal


The Construction Project Formulation and Appraisal Studio of Master’s in Construction Engineering and Management, Monsoon Semester-I deal with the appraisal of a construction project from the context planning, demand analysis, location analysis, risk & stakeholder management to the project baselines, procurement strategy, and project controls. For this study, a metro rail-based project has been chosen and it is called Metro Neo/ Metro Lite at Vadodara which with further analysis and study concluded the selection of Metro Neo at Vadodara, Gujarat intending to provide affordable, safe, and environmentally-friendly transportation services to the people while also reducing traffic congestion on the roadways. To ensure the success of such a project, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the demand for the product, a suitable location for the plant, technical aspects that will be involved throughout the project, preliminary costs that the project will account for, time value of money, environmental impact, risks that will be encountered throughout the project lifecycle, and the various stakeholders who will be a part of the project. This study examines the analysis conducted concerning the aforementioned topics to determine the project's feasibility, and it concludes that the project is indeed viable for implementation.