• Code PCM21214
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Ganesh A. Devkar,Devanshu Pandit
  • TA Meshwa Sakaria,Agrima Agarwal


The work done in the studio 1- Construction Project Formulation and Appraisal is about the feasibility study of Solar Park situated in the Gujarat. This Solar Park will be one of the largest solar park after construction having a total capacity of 5GW. The electricity which would be generated from the solar park will not only be supplied to Gujarat and Delhi-Mumbai Corridor but also to nearby states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. By using renewable source like Solar energy, amount of Carbon dioxide production in the environment reduces ultimately being sustainable. For the construction of such a large scale project having capacity 5 GW and investment of 25 billion, it is necessary to carry out the feasibility study of the project. For the studio, the feasibility study is carried out using various parameters like CPO Analysis, Demand Analysis, Location analysis, Risk Assessment, Compliances to be taken and managing various stakeholders. Apart from this feasibility study, technical analysis is done which includes CBA and TVD- which helps to select the best technical option out of various alternatives. Cost of the project is calculated by breaking the cost into various segments. Finally, a schedule is prepared and based on that schedule, the tender is prepared for procuring consultants, contractors and major equipment.