• Tutor/s Percy Pithawala | Krishna Shah
  • TA Ninaz Sonawala
  • Code AR2029
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


This studio introduced students to basics of Space making. In the initial stages, students explored various characteristics of space making through systems of movement such as order, path-space relationships, axis, hierarchy, rhythm, scale, sequential progressions, degree of enclosure etc. Students learn to configure spatial characteristics through a kit of architectural elements to create varied spatial constructs. Students demonstrate their learnings by undertaking design of a pavilion located within landscaped environs of Kamati Baug at Vadodara. The design program of a pavilion accommodates multiple programs such as primary health centre, book studio, crèche, cafe, dance studio, amphitheater etc. The design process guided one to evolve their individual responses to natural boundaries such as rivers, landscapes and existing built structures such as Planetarium, Museum, Band Stand, Toy Train, Amphitheatre etc. located within Kamati Baug. The exercise further tried to weave together individual pavilions within a spatial narrative through visual and physical linkages. The Design Fundamentals of Space making exercise was inspired by the Space vocabulary exercises conducted earlier by Prof. Gurdev Singh along with the studio tutors.