• Code PSD20274
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Aanal Shah,Shashin Patel,Rupal Shah,Hitendra jaswantlal Shah,Shah rakesh Himmatlal
  • TA Dhruv harshadkumar Patel,Keyurkumar Patel


In the 1st phase of project it was required to design Silo and Chimney. For Silo the project allocated was Prestressed Silo where the analysis of silo was done considering various losses in prestressed concrete. In RCC Chimney, analysis was done as per codal provisions and accordingly type of chimney was arrived at i.e., Straight or Tapered Chimney.In 2nd phase of project Design of Steel Industrial Structure was done. The project allocated was Transfer Tower. Structural System was prepared as per one way distribution of loads and machine loads acting on structure.