• Student Naphade Sakshi Chandan
  • Code UD2317
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mansi Shah*
  • TA Priyanka Awatramani


A typical Gandhinagar sector under residential zone has about 35% land under public domain designated for small and large infrastructural developments for the residents of the sector. However, the majority of these public lands till date remain unused, unproductive and barren.  So, the proposal gives a design framework to public spaces to create productive uses linked by a pedestrian network. Developing these lands would create a continuous framework of productive landscapes for communities in the center of the sector, while also shaping active and accessible zones. The public lands will be available to an individual or collective via CRP (common resource pool) model. A model such as this one allows residents to lease and gives them a design framework to develop, to grow, to make forests, and to enjoy the benefits of the produce. The system will also create small circular loops, where waste can feed local farms, and produce can go to nearby residents and so on. The design will result in a healthier, more resilient sector that provides a range of ecosystem services.
Click on the url below to check out sector 4 CRP website: https://sakshinaphade.wixsite.com/commonresourcepool