• Tutor/s Jinal Shah
  • TA Astha Shah
  • Code BD2008
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


The exploration and application of digital fabrication processes have opened new realms of possibilities for architectural expression. In recent times, these techniques have gained momentum to develop complex forms using different materials The course intends to explore the potential of Additive Manufacturing technology (3D printing) and computational tools to evolve a design process and innovative construction methods, to develop a product/interior architecture element within a defined context. The course will equip the students with skills of coding and digital fabrication processes to design, develop, analyze, resolve and construct scaled prototypes of their element. The course will be divided into three modules - Exploration, Application, and Making with each module focusing on developing different digital, analytical, and hands-on learning skills. Module 1: Analysing complex geometry, developing different interlocking systems using computational tools, and understanding the principles of additive manufacturing to construct these modules. Module 2: Understanding the site context, anthropometry, function, and developing different forms and interlocking systems for a defined product / interior architecture element. Module 3: Resolving the details and making a prototype