• Student Konkona Das
  • Code UG190729
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Vishal Joshi,Ramesh Patel
  • TA Harsheen Mengar


Animations have the power to make one dream. They engage people emotionally, invoking nostalgia, joy and in some cases leave people teary eyed. A character’s triumphs in adventures make one believe that anything is possible. Imagiscope believes that animation and imagination have no boundaries. They create characters and storylines that touch people’s hearts. The Imagiscope office goes beyond being a workspace-it targets senses and provides experiences. Curvilinear pathways meander through the office to give a sense of anticipation for a mystery to be unfolded. Pops of bright colour in spaces provide joy and create a lively environment to work in. The different aspects of animation including character creation, stop motion, editing and sound effect addition, all can be done within this office space.