• Student Ashesha Vipul Shah
  • Code UG190218
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Vishal Joshi,Ramesh Patel
  • TA Harsheen Mengar


Unfiltered Productions is a film production house comprised of talented and client friendly filmmakers. Content writers, creative directors, creative producers, cinematographers, executive producers, graphic designers, editors, and animators are among the professionals on staff. They carry out photo shoots and creative ad films for major Indian brands. They help global brands connect with local customers by putting local brands on a global platform.The concept behind their office design is to break the space’s monotony. It’s achieved by angling the partition walls, which creates a sense of intrigue. The office’s colour scheme creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the cold tones of the concrete walls and micro concrete flooring and the warm tones of wood on the floor and furniture, with a splash of blue.