• Student Fiza Elat
  • Code UG190456
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Vishal Joshi,Ramesh Patel
  • TA Harsheen Mengar


UNICO Textiles is a brand that is known for its unique innovation in fibres and fabrics and bringing new fashion trends that is sustainable.  The branch office is in Ahmedabad  where the production management, design and merchandising, sales and marketing takes place.  The concept for interiors is derived from the product (fabrics) the company produces and they are used as striking visual elements in certain pause points in the office. The light, flowy and foldable nature of fabric are used as design elements mainly in the ceiling. The material palette chosen for the space are fabric, aluminum and fabric sandwiched glass. An interwoven netting structure connecting both floors becomes the unique element in the space that allows one to rest, think and ideate in a relaxed atmosphere.