• Tutor/s Tushar Bose | Janki Jethi
  • TA Abhinav Ahuja | Jigar Patel
  • Code CT3013
  • Faculty Technology
  • Level L3 Studio Unit


The studio covers designing water supply, sewerage system and storm water drainage system for an urban area. In the studio each student would be given a zone (5-10 sq. km) in a city. The students would be taken through each infrastructure design system. For water supply, the system of water supply for the city would be discussed along with the system requirements. The students then would be taken through a process of manually designing the components of the system. In the last stage, water supply design software would be introduced. The students would be required to complete the water supply design of the assigned zone. Similarly for Sewerage and Stormwater systems, the course will first introduce the system components and the design requirements and constraints. The first iteration of component design in these two infrastructure systems would also be done manually. The second and subsequent design would be done through introduction of software for designing. The students would be required to complete the design and cost estimate for sewerage and stormwater network for the assigned are. At the end of the studio, the students would be able to estimate the demand, perform gap analysis and design the water supply, sewerage, and storm water network.