• Code PGE20377
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Dipak Samal,Jyothi Gupta
  • TA Ashishkumar Upadhyay


COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance mental health and relation of it with the urban blue and green spaces within neighborhood. Green spaces includes any vegetated land within an urban area for example Parks, gardens and Green corridors along the roads etc. whereas urban blue is any collected surface water converted into lakes and ponds within the city boundary. This study reviews the use of geospatial modeling and remotely sensed data to analyze the dynamics of urban blue green spaces by understanding the trends of the past, the present, and extrapolating to the future. If the 20 years trend continues with no strict policies then Bangalore may lose its identity of ‘City of Garden and Lake’. The techniques used and results obtained from the analysis will help authorities to prioritize the area of concern.