• Student Raj Salecha
  • Code UCT20111
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Pavni Pandya,Chandresh Solanki
  • TA Khushi dharmesh Shah,Harshadkumar Parmar


Geotechnical Parameters: Influencing Foundation Systems delves into the study of soil properties and how they affect foundation system design. To study numerous geotechnical topics, the studio began by creating mind maps. Following that, a site visit was made to Santalpur, Gujrat, where a borehole was dug and samples were gathered. The samples were tested in the lab, and the results were used to create an Overhead Water tank that could handle a variety of loads. Foundation systems such as Isolated, Raft, and Pile were chosen for the construction. Techniques for improving soil were also covered in the course.