• Code PUH20176
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Madhu Bharti,Rutool Sharma
  • TA Nandana L S


The goal of the Housing Project Studio was to create a project development for a Brownfield site that makes the best use of land parcel in Ahmedabad. Gujarat Housing Board's site is being considered  as it had the greatest potential for redevelopment. The project development takes into account, the current real estate market trends as well as applicable policy. The land potential analysis, macro and micro market conditions, neighborhood characteristics and beneficiary demand were considered for redevelopment and free sale component. Due to its proximity to BRTS, MRTS  and being in the city center, the Redevelopment Project at Naranpura with mixed development is a viable, implementable and most optimum project proposal ensuring larger housing units to existing beneficiaries and luxury units to new buyers. Even if the project is financially viable, obstacles such as beneficiary consent, project delays and a time-consuming tendering process prevent the projects from being implemented.