• Code PUI20151
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mona Iyer,Meera Mehta
  • TA Smeet Maniar


While rapid urbanization has fueled the local economy, the city is challenged to keep pace with the demand for urban services while protecting its fragile environment. Flood is one of the most common disasters and has affected a large number of people in Ahmedabad. Waterlogging and flooding have been addressed over the years by proposing various solutions rather than analyzing the root cause. The project's goal is to develop a safe environment by reducing vulnerability and disasters, notably in vulnerable settlements. The link between indicators and factors in vulnerability assessments indicates the impact effect on low-lying areas. Following a vulnerability assessment, the project focuses on delivering appropriate mitigation measures. Resulting losses make it imperative that each of these events is studied to identify the causes, improve planning and preparedness, strengthen infrastructure, and promote traditional methods to recharge water in place and prevent a reoccurrence, ensuring efficient relief.