• Code PUI20265
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mona Iyer,Meera Mehta,Siddh Doshi


The sanitation workforce behind the provision and maintenance of sanitation systems provides an essential public service. As one of the major concerns is manual scavenging in India, it was even highlighted in the city of Ahmedabad based on the primary analysis it is associated with various issues involved in it. Over time there have been various campaigns and policies made for sanitation workers to improve their conditions, to encourage people to have a better approach towards people associated with the profession of sanitation. High risks associated with the work performed by sanitation workers need to be catered through the proper provision of facilities. Most of the practices performed by sanitation workers are found to be creating an impression on sanitation workers as untouchables, which is a violation of the human rights of sanitation workers. Most of the issues and challenges faced by sanitation workers are caused due to their voices being unheard. Policy frameworks do not cater to the risk associated with their type of work due to which there is inadequate availability of facilities required for the safety of sanitation workers.