• Student Jain Naman Lalit
  • Code UI4717
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Mohammedayazkhan Pathan
  • TA Adnan Makda


ek Theh rav. At the entrance of the library, the Intangible layers of the space will evoke an expression of pause. The space will act as a window, which will allow users to stop, breathe and enter the library with balanced mind. the space gives the opportunity where the idea of library and knowlege becomes greater then your age, culture and motive. aath:man. Meditating saints in the chambers of forest, collecting chakra in the form of energy from ground, thus on the path of attaining immortality. As the user decides the path of knowledge, a space is looked upon, surrounded in woods, deep in forest, as the user concentrates, neglecting the surroundings, chanting knowledge as they become one. ek disha. the pendulum of light hanging from the top will guide the way, through details. Path ways through the sounds of running water and ringing bells with cold breeze, the user will attain a state of relaxed mind, before going to the library. As the users attain the neutral balance, he enters in to the well of knowledge. The library section. It serves the users with immense amount of energy created by senses of visuals and smell. The voids play an important role as they define heights and movements in the space.