• Student L Gyan Praharsh
  • Code UA4117
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Martin Anzellini,Harshil Parekh
  • TA Khushi Makwana


The proposed master plan for Amaravati, as the capital for the new state of Andhra, led to hopes of large-scale developments in the region. For the same,35,000 acres of fertile Land were from the farmers. With the promised development of the capital coming to a sudden halt, people find themselves in a position where they can’t go back to their earlier practice of farming due to infertile lands, while their current investments in real estate are giving them zero returns throwing them into a cycle of debt. In this context of uncertainty, the proposal aims to quickly generate an alternate economy at the scale of the city. In recognition of the existing know-how of farming practices with the unavailability of fertile lands, the project looks at training in soil-less farming practices as an immediate solution to the problem through an aquaponics training center.