• Code UG180160
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Martin Anzellini,Harshil Parekh
  • TA Khushi Makwana


The project tries to develop facilities at Tragadi Bunder, a temporary settlement of fisherfolk near Mandvi, Gujarat. It is at an intersection of being a place that they inhabit for livelihood despite having minimal access to daily facilities, some of which are sometimes taken care of by the power plant next to the settlement as a part of their CSR responsibilities. Despite these efforts, the condition cannot be addressed immediately because the land they occupy does not belong to them. Thus, bringing in community spaces that would create opportunities and possibilities is the first stage in addressing this issue. Creating these facilities as a transportable solution would address to this conflict. Using the locally available wood, jungli bawal and easily accessible fishing nets, ropes and jute fabric as construction materials that brought together with more nuanced construction techniques. Learning from engaging in building the community solution and using similar techniques, they can develop their own houses that can be dismantled and taken such that they can occupy them when they go back to their respective villages.