• Tutor/s Reshma Shah
  • Code CT3595
  • Faculty Technology


CEPT University has adopted a philosophy of outcome-based education (OBE), which is the student-centered learning that focuses on apparently measured learning outcomes by solving existing complex problems. The problem formulation focuses on developing creative-critical thinking abilities, planning, and managing skills and technical skills by sensitizing students towards societal and environmental issues. Through this approach, the abilities for knowledge creation and attitude of lifelong learning are inculcated in the students giving them the freedom to sculpt their professional path. The major objective of the Construction Technology curriculum is to build thoughtful, motivated and competent engineers having ability to solve complex engineering problems required to lead the construction industry. Graduates of this program are equipped with technical, analytical and leadership skills that are necessary to shape the future of the construction industry. After successful completion of 3rd year of the program, the students undertake professional training in one of the remaining semesters.