• Code UG180151
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Reshma Shah,Maulik Shah
  • TA Mehar Kalra


Proposed Project - The Common Central Secretariat (CCS) will comprise 10 office buildings and a Central Conference Centre. All the 51 Ministries are proposed to be located at one location to improve coordination, collaboration and synergy. The studio Project Procurement Management helped me understand the most important and crucial phase ‘procurement’ of any construction project.  Major topics are Knowing and understanding the term project, its components by studying similar nature of project and creating a family tree. Studying various procurement routes, financial schemes, national-international publications like world bank, FIDIC, CPWD etc. to get a broad perspective of the study. Identification of Bid Team members with respective roles and responsibilities & Major Stakeholders in the Project, Finalizing the procurement strategy and work package distribution, Preparation of contract document for proposed project by referring reference tender document &  publications. This includes preparation of  Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), Instructions to bidders (ITB), Forms of Tender documents, General Conditions of Contract (GCC), Special Conditions of Contract (SCC), Technical Specifications, Tender Drawings & Detailed BOQ/ Price Bid format.  Study of Labour Laws & types of Insurance, Safety Codes, Environmental Laws, Comparison of rates of SOR vs DSR. Go/ No-Go Study was carried out by Understanding more about the contracting firm’s strategy and challenges which they face while bidding for a project. Preparation of the Go/ No-Go matrix, Bid Capture Board etc. which gives idea to the contractor should go forward with bidding for the proposed project or not from evaluation various parameters. Studying and analyzing major contractor's business model, financial study, experience, Type & nature of project executed, Bidding strategies of projects etc. Finally, drafting pre-bid clarification, meetings, and queries and understanding process of uploading tenders in e-portal, Evaluation of Technical & Financial Bid consisting Initial screening & final screening for the proposed projects & Awarding project to selected contractor.