• Code PFD21313
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Samir bhagvatlal Bhatt,Kaulav Bhagat
  • TA Paramdeep singh Dayani,Tanushree Solanki-VF,Nidhi Ratani


The focus of the exercise is to initiate a design process from the inferences taken from the study of Architect’s work which will help to synthesize the design principles, which will then be taken forward and stagewise developed to derive the design of the furniture piece - TABLE. The TABLE will be designed irrespective of any site and client. The given volumetric dimension of the TABLE is 2400mm x 1200 mm x 750 mm. The furniture should be designed for the innovative use of material, technology, construction, structure, details, geometry, etc. The six requirements of Design by David Pye in his book ‘The Nature and Aesthetic of Design’ will be the underlying principles to be taken forward during the design process. By analysing the given building, the stability, distribution of load, curvature and the flexibility were studied further. The base will be a stable structure showing the hypars used in the building, but surfaces will be deduced into lines. The distribution of load is not on a single point and is transferred along the line to the bottom of the table. The curvature is attained from the shape formed using the hypars, which depicts the flexibility of the table. The design of the table is inspired by the structural components of the church building. The concept of division of the load taken upon from the top is evenly distributed along the hypars. The use of material here are MS sheet metal and the inspired surface of this hypar is actually broken down to be planes. This is where the surface is acting as a structural element.