• Tutor/s Gaurang Shah | Amal Shah | Sagar Modh
  • TA Prachi Nagar | Manali Patel
  • Code BP4002
  • Faculty Design


To explore, imagine and visualise simple products for built spaces and their functioning to arrive at the need-based functional products, which facilitates the user and their needs. focus on the aspect of product design with its primary function concerning build spaces and space-related part of products and design. The design and approach to the product must be creative and original The primary design criteria should as minimal and straightforward The product must be simple to manufacture each part, finish them and its assembly Must be simple and easy to use The selected product and approach to design must be manually used and should not have an electro-mechanical complex. Visualisation Drawing Analytical Drawing Construction Drawing Physical Scale Model Digital Model Product Prototype After completing this studio unit, the student will be able to: Design and its principles. problem-solving process Explore, Imagine, Visualize and Plan a product design with the simplicity of form, aesthetics, form development with ergonomics and its production. Focus Areas: Skills Process Application