• Tutor/s Sagar Modh | Vrushank Vyas
  • TA Khushali Kadiwala | Parth Mehta
  • Code BP4006
  • Faculty Design


To Identify, Design and Develop building products for outdoor spaces and its functioning to arrive at the need based functional products, which facilitates the user and their need. Identify the need and the design opportunity to develop a new product or redesign the existing product to improve its function, design and expectations of the user. Students will be introduced to use product design consideration and structured design process to be able apply them while designing the products. Explore the potential of design with the elements of System thinking. The design and detail development be able to translate the idea in to a tangible product a prototype and manufacture them. The aspects of product, product graphics and the user expectation with market feedback. User feedback and product validation. Drawings/illustrations in appropriate medium. Working Drawings Detailed Presentation with Iterations showing clarity in thinking illustrating the thought process behind taking the Design decisions. Prototype 3D Model After completing this studio unit, the student will be able to: Core need identification Understanding User/target Audience. Persona Building. Influence/Role of product/object in the space/system Ecosystem Mapping