• Student Panchal Parth Mukeshbhai
  • Code UG191013
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Smit Vyas
  • TA Vihar Sangani


The design evokes the potential relationship between the old and the new through its core concept of flowing down, under which the idea is to receive visitors on the roof of an old block and from there the journey of experiences begins. The design principle is to have a monotonous walkway that funnels one from the entry to the exit with something beyond immersive in between. The walkway situates itself between the two worlds, provides streamlined experiences while cascading down. The passage works as a mediator and governor, guiding one to the chambers of exhibitions while providing a series of experiences in between.

 To enhance the journey, the passage was designed in a way that it will receive the playful light and breeze from the screen of a swaying fabric draped around its circumference on a constant basis, in a way respecting the history of textile in Atira. There are indeed openings provided on the vertices of a structure for one to enjoy the entire atmosphere as well as the magnificent view of the lush green atria campus and the exhibition complex. In addition, stone seating is provided to increase interaction. In total, the structure is not only for exhibiting immersive stuff but also celebrates the congregation and the journey of experience beyond it.

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