• Student Prakruti Manilal Parsiya
  • Code UG191044
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Smit Vyas
  • TA Vihar Sangani


The entrance of Atira textile museum is a structure entirely made out of brick following the language of the existing building which has a structural system of load-bearing brick walls where the ground itself modulates and takes people into the sunken plaza from the ramp, piles up, and rises like a mountain meeting and becoming a part of the existing building while taking the people out to the other programs of the campus and amidst this monolithic mass is set a minimalistic floating box which provides visual transparency to the souvenir shop placed inside. it is like a delicate flower in the solid landmass that surrounds it. The entrance has three spaces, space to receive- The Ramp, space to hold- The Plaza and a space to release- The Amphitheatre.