• TA Chandni Chhabra | Teja siva srinivas Payapalle | Chandni Chhabra | Teja siva srinivas Payapalle
  • Code ID4015
  • Faculty Design


The intention of this studio is to develop a multitude of notions, approaches, positions, and arguments with reference to interior materiality and its implications on the interior design practice. The studio offers an opportunity to develop a design position in different contexts by questioning preconceived notions of interior design. It emphasizes the relationship between Interior materiality and its expression, identity and design outcome. The first four weeks will be a part of the common foundation program, where students from all streams work together to develop common skills and abilities. The later part of the studio is largely divided into two modules: the first module builds an argument on interior materiality through existing design practices and the second module intends to develop a systematic approach to the application of the argument in three different contexts. The studio presents an opportunity to develop an individual design position for disparate sites keeping the program constant. During the studio, each student develops their own projects keeping in focus the relationship between interior materiality and interior practices evaluating its relevance in the time today.