• Code PUT20310
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Shivanand Swamy,Nivesh Chaudhary,Khelan Modi
  • TA Madhura Kawadkar


The portfolio represents the culmination of semester long efforts taken for determining the feasibility of the proposed facility in Ahmedabad. The aim of the studio is to understand the preparation of a detailed feasibility study for Multi Modal logistic Park (MMLP) by taking the case of Ahmedabad. The city is observed to have high freight volumes moving into and out of the city due to the freight generators in the city and currently, the freight activity in Naroda is inefficient. By 2041, the proposed MMLP at Naroda is expected to improve the efficiency in terms of the excess cost and time incurred in logistics and will help in efficient management of storage and value added services to aid the production in industries.