• Tutor/s Shikha Parmar
  • TA Shivangi Panchal
  • Code IR2029
  • Faculty Design
  • Level L2 Studio Unit


A traveler to the tropical city becomes an explorer of time, space and culture. The legacy of generations is there to be discovered in its landscape, streets and built. Apart from the delights of a living culture of distinct customs, festivals, markets and the flavours of local cuisine which are there to savour, such travelers during the pause seek a warm abode which allows one to sink in the city sooner and lend possibilities to explore and connect to the place vividly. This unit commences with questioning the notion of a ‘shelter’ and design an abode, which also acts as a community place for the neighborhood. The design must provide both pragmatic and more importantly a sensorial experience distilling the characteristics of the site for an appropriate spatial narrative. Contextual elements and need of user, inform the selection of spatial elements, materials and eventually the spatial configuration. Relationship of the inside to the outside is explored and defined through relevant space making elements that are demonstrated through models. As part of pedagogic method, a tool box shall be assembled wherein some constants are laid for site and variables are added based on the decisions derived throughout conceptualization.