• Code PAD20406
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Jagrut Patel,Dhaval Gajjar
  • TA Khoosh Prajapati


The architectural intervention of multi-unit housing or redevelopment scheme intends to address the existing users and provide them with better living than before, with an intention to not eradicate the notion of home that they have and also make an addition in the typology of users which were observed to be in need of home & are denied by most of the developers thinking that it would not make peace within the existing community. These users can be taken as an asset in the project to gain economic sustainability to maintain the scheme. The intervention also intends to address concerns of the city & make an impact on a city level for the urban users to have a chance of exchange between the building and the city. The secondary road lanes, other than the primary BRTS corridor intends to be transformed into a market street where necessary commercials dwell on the residential users such as retail shops, provisional shops or any other retail outlet in need of public footfall. These shops or retail outlets will eventually produce an economy that the developer will regain for the project and also benefit the user group of the project as well as the immediate contextual urban fabric of the site. The commercial block falling in the front intends to just fulfil the demand and supply needed in a city, which can be further enhanced with whatever the need of a city insists.