• Student Chauhan Varisha Vijay
  • Code UA7317
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Vishwanath Kashikar
  • TA Ajay Chovatia


This studio approaches design as an iterative process. It questions the relationship between live and work in the future. Instead of a physical context, the architecture responds to an imagination of a possible future. The buildings are imagined to be built in 2025 but the premise is that these buildings will go on to exist for a long time. At what pace should architecture move with respect to the growing pace of technology?
Future Context: A Choice-Based LifestyleWe are in the zero waste community. People have realised that continuous exploitation of resources as a result of capitalism has already put us in a very bad position. If we want to survive, we will have to find ways to sustain ourselves. These people felt that material gains like money and fame are of no importance as compared to life satisfaction and happiness. This is achieved when we have a sense of purpose in lif. When we are satisfied with what we do and when there are smaller nuances of happiness in our day to day lives. Thus, the nature of our neighbourhood and work, become very important.
People have also realised that if everyone has multiple interests in their life that keep on changing with our perceptions and experiences, then why do we train ourselves to do only one job for our entire life?Where almost whatever you do can earn you credits. A place where everyone can find something they really love to do and pursue it without any pressure to be rich. A society completely based on a credit system. Job done is directly converted to credits produced which do not double themselves through any methods like investments in stock markets or banks. What you do is what you get. 
Here, the neighbourhood is the closest circle you have after your family.In all this, technology is something that enables. It enables us to be more efficient in our understanding of the world, to do jobs faster, to manage the working of an interdependent society through surveillance and to help live a life where everything is a choice. You choose your purpose and your contribution to society. In the zero-waste society, where happiness is of utmost importance, life is not a race but it is a collective journey towards betterment, both outside and within.