• Student Anirudh Shankar
  • Code UA1017
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Vishwanath Kashikar
  • TA Ajay Chovatia


The Pandemic has left a lasting impression on people, changed many. During the quarantine and isolation they realized the importance of understanding oneself and get in touch with who they really are. This took different turns for every individual, some isolated themselves and felt that by giving importance to themselves over others they can understand themselves better. Where as many took to understanding the self as a larger collective, The Consciousness. By taking out time to understand and practice a more aware life they realized what their true identity is, the identity which opens up the universe to them, the one is the world and the world is one. But this didn’t mean they have all left their everyday jobs, relationships and their own being behind, just a more inclusive perspective. They come together to redefine what living together is.