• Student Anoushka Dutta
  • Code UUR20022
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Vrushti Mawani,Mariana Paisana
  • TA Aryan Iyer


Following mapping, analysing and identifying needs of the pavement dwellers living under the flyover at Pakwan junction, the project aims at addressing the needs of water and sanitation access, focussing on women since they are the ones burdened with fetching water for the family or with washing chores, while also creating more sheltered spaces for existing vendors on site. 
Pravesa; the proposed design consists of separate toilets and bathing spaces for men and women, washing area, water kiosk, seating/ gathering spaces, specific plantations for specific purposes, eg., bamboo as noise and visual barrier, raised walkway and accommodating the existing vendors.