• Student Shannon Maria
  • Code UG180562
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Nimit Killawala,Prateek Banerjee
  • TA Bageshri Thakar


Breaking the stereotypics of a workplace in a glass box, the studio focuses on designing an office building at a neighborhood scale; responding to the site, programmatic synergies and community engagement. The covid 19 outbreak not only brought the global economy down, it also exposed the inadequacies of the health care system. The pandemic has caused what is being caused a structural shift for digital healthcare. The current situation prescribes that it is time to reboot healthcare and support innovations in healthcare startups. Presence of several healthcare institutions in the near vicinity makes it possible for such a collaboration to work. In a rather linear site, the hexagonal modular approach to designing the workplace creates pockets of spaces and plazas for collaborations and chanced encounters. The approach modifies the straight edge of the promenade of the Irla Canal, to respond to the adjacent promenade as well as the street sides differently.