• Code PLA22360
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Priyal Shah,Divya Shah,Yati Sengupta


What are we if not our stories and experiences? Would our stories exist without the emotions experienced? Do our forests have emotions too? Can we see these different moods? I believe they do. Our forests are a plethora of events, moods and intertwined stories; and so are we. Every event in these stories evokes a certain mood and a certain emotion in us. These emotions aren't necessarily always on the warmer spectrum, at times they are blue. But isn't that the beauty of emotions, they are to be experienced, even when they are uncomfortable. As humans we have the ability to express our feelings, describe our emotions and voice our wants. As a forest full of life it does same in its own way, ‘A way of the forest’ we can say. Mapping these emotions experienced by the forest and the user, while finding the corresponding setting leading to this mood will help us understand the association or relationship between the forest and humans in a better light and be sensitive to our combined emotional abilities. And, in the process attempt to understand emotions and moods of a forest which we may have failed to pay attention to.