• Code UA3017
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Sandeep Amin,Shikha Parmar
  • TA Parshva Palkhiwala


This project aims to target millennials who are single parents or couple with child who always look for security and comfort for their child with a positive image of a neighborhood whereas bachelor who could be a bridge of these age group. The agenda is to create a place where the cohesion between these age group could be maintained. Communal activities are kept on the metro level which response to the site.  The ground floor which is sunken creates a dedicated space for childcare. The project not only target the residents' kids but also involves the neighborhood kids to participate. Since the ground floor is fully dedicated for children, two common spaces are created on terraces which are used as gathering space. Build form is created in a way that the residents could look over to their children. Childcare dose not only provides security to the children and create positive image but also creates income sources. Also, parents or single parents could have a workspace in close proximity. Here, the approach to the admin of childcare is from road level, which is not accessible to childcare area so the security is maintained.