• Student Sarvisetty Swathi
  • Code UBD21139
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Jay Thakkar
  • TA Kamna Vyas


Over the course of this semester, I’ve celebrated individual identities which are woven together by the crafts. Each of them represented something different but all of them had something in common, the love for the same. So to celebrate this love for crafts, I've tried to visually narrate a story which celebrates the embroidery craft Aari, it's a modest attempt at celebrating key aspects of this embroidery. The floral patterns, the curvilinear forms, the Aari hook, the embroidery hoop, the community, and a huge history of dedicated artisans. The story is titled Aari ki safari. It’s about two plants that are the protagonists of this tale. They follow the making of an Aari embroidered piece as they become the muse for it.