• Code PLA21324
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Nikhil Dhar,Rujuta Ranade
  • TA Viraj Bhatt


Sadar Bazar is an old settlement between the Ahmedabad Cantonment on the south and River Sabarmati on the north. The people from various culture and religion precinct have been living here together for generations. They were also related to their traditional and cultural practices such as dairy business, cattle herdsmen, fishermen, people in textile business and embroidery etc. They even accessed the river edge for fishing, cattle bathing or for recreation. Over the years due to increase in pollution other temporal and spatial changes the river is no longer accessible. They people have shifted to other occupation due to lack of space to perform those practices. The relation with the land they had has also deteriorated over time due to lack of maintenance and negligence the once united neighborhood despite of their difference now functions in a decentralized manner in smaller pockets currently. There is a dense patch of vegetation edging the northern and western part of the site which is habitat for numerous Fauna and Avifauna. Due current pressure acting on this parcel like the Riverfront development this parcel is under tremendous threat of urbanization. The project aims to weave the past association of the land and communities with the present, aiming towards a resilient neighbourhood that performs in a` self-sustainable manner