• Code PLA21155
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Nikhil Dhar,Rujuta Ranade
  • TA Viraj Bhatt


The calico mill is surrounded by many close-knit communities, each with its own dis-tinct way of life, with the Muslim community for decades following the same work patterns as men and women. Men are the breadwinners, while the women are mostly housewives who run small businesses from home. The women here are afraid to leave the house and are forbidden to do so due to criminal activity in the calico mill open spaces. Furthermore, males in their families prevent women from leaving the community area, so women are always seen sitting on the "otla" in front of their houses, chitchatting and carrying out their daily chores. The children here are forced to play in the little gullies in front of their houses rather than the open area of Calico Mill. This ultimately makes the gullies as the prime attraction point for the children and women within the community. The project ‘ASEEM boundless’ attempts to comprehend the significance and the urgent need to establish a safe place for women and children by bringing together various communities. To protect the mill's heritage by conserving the art that exists in the communities as a result of its presence. This project is a humble attempt to connect the gullies to the open field of the Calico mill in a seamless manner, inviting women and children to the open spaces. Spaces that function as an open recreation ground which also include the men of the community. An effort to build a space that is equally dedicated to all community stakeholders, inviting them together and breaking down the barriers that exist between them.