• Student Manan Shashikant Agrawal
  • Code UAR21296
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Ramya Ramesh,Harshil Parekh
  • TA Priya Bhadja


Aangan is a place which is instrumental in bringing people together, where the wadi for the children just happens to be situated. It is a place for people to rekindle the lost interest in learning and grow together. Several spaces such as a place to learn computers and English, stitching, first aid have been incorporated. The computer learning space also showcases a hope for digital learning through projector and helping the teacher to digitize important registers and documents. Moreover, the ‘angans’ surrounding the wadi provide additional spaces to recreate, and provide transparency of vision across streets facilitating interaction and a change in perception towards a learning environment , which is now cohesive and inviting.