• Student Archana Marwaha
  • Code UG190162
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Ratna Shah,Errol Reubens
  • TA Mayuri Gohil


Cascadelace is a coworking space for fluid artists who work with Concrete, resin and Terrazzo. Fluid art is characterized by the pourability and mouldability of the mediums used and how the metamorphosis of its state happens with time. The movement of pouring these mediums into a mould is similar to that of a cascade and hence, this project revolves around exploring Fluidity, Cascading and Metamorphosis. Since moulds are a crucial part of the art form, the SITE ACTS AS A MOULD for the design and thereby exaggerates the straight lines of its periphery. Spaces for collaboration, individual focus areas, break out zones and social spaces are all kept in mind while designing. Cascadelace welcomes professionals, learners, workshop hosts, product photographers and entrepreneurs to access these different zones as per their need. 
Click here for process, panel and booklet.