• Code UAR20215
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Kashyap Mevada,Milind Mistry
  • TA Aarjavi Mehta


Husband is an artist who is a painter and spends most of the day doing painting. He also likes when the visitors come to see his artworks. His wife is a sculpture artist, she makes sculptures out of the modern clay, she makes the sculptures for orders only to sell them. As they are the only two people living in the house, they want to restore their home into a homestay. Mr. Mukesh Bhai and his wife Beena ben are from Rajpipla only, they are inspired by the Rajpipla’s culture and lifestyle. So, to keep the uniformity from surrounding houses the design approaches towards the vernacular design and also for the guests who are coming to stay in the homestay can have the feeling of the vernacular as well as the tradition and lifestyle of Rajpipla.