• Student Khushi Jain
  • Code UG180295
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mansi Shah
  • TA Shubhangi Saxena


The project develops design guidelines and strategic framework for gradual transformation of much under-utilized society-level open spaces in Gandhinagar sector. Design solutions are outcome of deep analysis of usages on ground. Solutions are built considering a consensus-based approach that encourages city residents to be involved in the decision-making. To do this, the project has 2 approaches for residents.  1. Pre- defined design options- Monofunctional, pre-made designs deal with development of parcels by giving them a productive quality: Solutions of designs include gardens for enhancing ecological value, fresh air, food gardens systems, or water collection systems. These are small local solutions that can improve everyday quality of life.  2. DIY Design- This is a choice-based approach where residents can choose from a kit of parts towards social and productive benefits. Main focus is making the landscape kit accessible and understandable for people to choose from and easily make decisions. To make it a real project, the proposal considers a strong mix of productive, manageable and public aspects, keeping in line with the needs. And, while these parcels may seem small, the cumulative upgradation of many such parcels can be transformational.