• Student Aanal Patel
  • Code UIR21162
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Amal Shah
  • TA Isha Goel


A textile designer came up with the concept for the facility with the intention of bringing Ahmedabad's historic textile industry back to life. and creating a recreational space where block printing as an activity will happen. The prints from Indian villages, known as "gaam" locally, are known as "Gaamthi" prints; its distinguishing qualities include vibrant colors, contrasting tones, and various designs. Block printing describes the process of manually using wooden blocks to decorate fabrics. Gujarat is a widely printable region where generations of printers and dyers have used the Sabarmati River to wash fabrics and its banks have served as a location for sun-bleaching and drying cloth. The method of printing involves painting certain sections of fabric with color. For every color, however, a design is drawn and then transferred to the ready-made wooden blocks. Separate blocks are created for each of the design's various hues, and the colors are applied in a clearly defined manner.