• Code PAT22312
  • Faculty Architecture
  • Tutor/s Sankalpa _,Neel Jain
  • TA Hemanshu Dodiya,Divya kumar Solanki


Our spaces’ needs and requirements are always evolving. Today’s urban environments demand ongoing expansion and change. Buildings are often created with the goal of serving specific roles and user groups and not undergoing major modification over its lifetime. Functions may change over time, but form is what remains. Workspace has a singular aim, to enable 'making' accessible. These are essentially open workshops that provide participants with materials, space, and even know-how to create with. It seeks to foster a maker community in which people with diverse interests and curiosities may come together to experiment, design, and construct, hence boosting opportunities for creative problem solving and cooperation. The spaces not only provide access to equipment, but also provide possibilities to interact with other similarly minded persons, further diversifying collaboration prospects.