• Student LISA BENNY
  • Code PFD22180
  • Faculty Design
  • Tutor/s Kireet Patel,Kaulav Bhagat
  • TA Tanushree Solanki-VF


The purpose of this studio was to design a stool using the six basic forms provided, and select one as base for further development of the stool. Also by detailing out the design diagram by introducing material, its thickness, structure, proportions, junction details, to the selected design diagram. The main aim was to give a fresh look towards unconventional stools rather than adhering with traditional expanded three or four legged stools. Objectives: 1. USER - Considering all kind of users, it serves as a purpose for seating. 2. AESTHETICS - This stool has an almost exquisite appearance and is of simple yet elegant design. 3.MAKING - Primary focus remains on the making of this stool, from the angles to the points where it creates the perfect balanced geometry.