• Code PGE22119
  • Faculty Technology
  • Tutor/s Shaily Gandhi,Manushi Bhatt,Sweta Rajpurohit
  • TA Kirtan Shah


Road crash is not just a chance event and it is possible to identify sources of crashes and take preventive measures. Effective management would include analysing data on a continuous basis, developing strategies and monitoring effectiveness. The Geographic Information System (GIS), big data and video surveillance data come in handy in undertaking these tasks. this study focused on accidents blackspots, fatal prone cluster zones in Ahmedabad. There are four important observations of the research. First, ‘two-wheeler users’ along with pedestrians have emerged as a vulnerable group and ‘cars’ have emerged as the major responsible mode for fatal road crashes. Second, highways in urban areas are more road crash prone than other city roads. Third, using  attributE query and location query , the study identifies  ten major  accident blackspots clusters and five fatal accident cluster in the city.