• Code PUI21197
  • Faculty Planning
  • Tutor/s Mona Iyer,Meera Mehta
  • TA Nirali Shah


Stormwater Management audits are important globally as there many countries which have seasonal monsoons, and it is important for the country to roll out various schemes for stormwater management also there is a hot topic of climate change to which many countries are adapting and getting ready for its risk. Nationally at the Indian level there are many schemes which indirectly help with stormwater management such as rainwater management and groundwater recharge, even at the state level there are many states which receive less rainfall compared to other states and Gujrat is one of them, more focusing on rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharging but there is less focus on groundwater security and other water source security. Due to the soil type in Rajkot, there is a problem with the low capacity of the aquifer and reduced water percolation. The monitoring of groundwater and other groundwater-related issues are the main topics of this report. The gaps and issues, such as a poor aquifer, a lack of an appropriate institutional framework at the ULB level, little to no public awareness, and excessive groundwater extraction, were first identified based on the primary survey and secondary survey. Based on these issues, this report makes an effort to address them through a dedicated unit which will do aquifer mapping and groundwater monitoring within the ULB.  
With the help of Bhujal Unit, there will be many direct and indirect impacts. Direct impacts will be ensuring sustainable groundwater use, aquifer recharge and groundwater resource management which will ensure groundwater security for the future. Some of the indirect impacts will be that the city will lead towards ecologically sustainable, more green space etc. By forming this unit city will also get more advantages in the various awards under Jal Jeevan Survekshan such as Best performer of the state, Awards for water conservation which accounts for 40% of the weightage (Bhujal Unit will give extra marks under RWH, GW monitoring, GWR etc mentioned in the Jal Jeevan Survekshan.) Moreover, city will also take the step towards Sustainable Development Goals such as Sustainable Cities and Communities, Climate Action, Partnership for Goals.